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apollo papafrangou

Apollo Papafrangou  is the author of "concrete candy", "the fence", and "Wings of Wax"

published  by  Booktrope.

He is born in Oakland California son of a Greek immigrant, and Greek-American mother.

He has been writing from the age  of twelve, and at the age fourteen,  he  published his first story "four wolfs and one panther" at Zyzzyva literary magazine in San Franscisco California,  after the discovery of his talent by Jess Mowry,  the author of " way past cool" and  "six out seven" (Farrar Straus & Giroux).

Apollo published his frst book "concrete candy" (Doubleday/Anchor books)  at the age of fifteen

"The Fence" orginally written when the author was only fourteen, the manuscript was optioned for a feature-lenth film by H.B.O. a division of time warner enter tainment on December 2000.

Apollo lives in Oakland whom he continues to write his stories.

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